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Our Lady of Providence

Our Lady of Providence

The Daughters of St. Mary of Providence are headquartered nationally in Chicago, IL and internationally in Rome, Italy.

The Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence were born of the heart of Blessed Luigi Guanella (1842-1915).  His life was a song of friendship for the poor, for the handicapped, for the aging, and for the children.  Faithful to this inspiration, His Daughters, too, love God in the little ones and in the needy:  because they know that by doing this, they will live.

God has called each individual to a vocation in life.  We, as Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, have been called to a special consecration dedicated to those most in need.  We participate in our prayer life, apostolic life and community life together as one family united in Christ. Our prayer life consists of Mass, morning prayer, and meditation in common in the morning.  We then come together for midday prayer, spiritual reading, and recreation with rosary and vespers following.  We work with the developmentally disabled and the elderly.  We also have parish work and a retreat center. 

If you feel called to this way of life and would like to visit, contact us at:   610-942-4166

Daughters of St. Mary of Providence
Fr Luigi Guanella (1842-1915)